Bharat jankalyan yojna is a trust which is registered under Government of India. This trust provides Groceries, food Grains, Agriculture seeds, Ayurvedic products etc and plants, commodities at every Panchayat / Villages/ town/ city level. For distribution of these commodities trust will open retail shops wich is called " JANKALYAN SUVIDHA CENTER" in all panchayat, and Town. To supply the Jankalyan center , warehouses/ depots shall be opened at every districts/ Town levels.


The main objective of Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana is to distribute the highest quality products to the poor people all over India and at a common rate from the market.

About jankalyan suvidha Center:-

jankalyan suvidha center is a retail shop wich will be opened in all villages , Town and municipalities. The center shall issue jankalyan cards to take certificate from gram panchayat head/ ward counselor from poof of residency. Than the will also be provided the jankalyan card. The center will supply Groceries, food Grains, Agriculture,seeds, Ayurvedic products and plants, commodities to the jankalyan card holders at prices lower than market prices and meet their everyday needs. If a family does not have a ration card, they can get their card made by submitting a written certificate by the Gram Pradhan Gram Panchayat member through which everyone can get the benefits of the scheme.

Requirement for opening jankalyan suvidha center:-

The people who are interested to open jankalyan suvidha center must meet the following criteria:-


Computer with internet connection

Capacity to invest 2lac & more

Out let License Fee- 35000/- one time

Business Module Income

Bharat jankalyan yojna will provide profit on the depot bill raised to center as follows.

Total turnover@ 5%

It is estimated that there are approximately 2000- 3000 Ration card are available in one centre. If we make 2000 jankalyan card at a center and we assume that minimum buying per card holder is 2000/- per month only.

Total sale value @ 2000×2000=4000000

Profit to jankalyan suvidha center per month -
Total = 40lac @ 5%
= 200000/- per month

Investment of jankalyan suvidha center Holder / Month

Room/ shop Rent = 4000

Shop keeper = 9000

Electric bill, internet bill=2000

Total = 15000/- per month

So the net profit to jankalyan suvidha center will be:-

200000-15000= 185000/- per month net

Jankalyan suvidha center

Approximately Quantity one month jankalyan card person can buy in a month:-


जनकल्याण सुविधा केंद्र

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Jankalyan suvidha center

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